Wrath Brand Flow Features


Skate Pack #5


Meet Julian from Maryland, he was able to get into skating in a different way then or other guys he actually got into it by watching footage of skaters and physically watching them. Doing those two things gave him enough confidence to just get out there and start skating. He’s one of our younger flow members but he’s got a lot of potential as a young skater and we see a bright future for this guy. One thing he’s loves about Wrath Brand thus far is our Wrath hats he’s got a couple of them in the stash. Check out the video below to see him shred.


Skate Pack #4:


Meet Jett from Carrollton GA. He first got into skating just a couple years ago (2017) at the beach when a random kid was talking about skateboarding. He later picked up his board and has been skating every day since. Wrath Brand first saw Jett when another team member posted a clip of his and we couldn’t help but notice how dope of a skater he was and were immediately excited to bring him onboard. He’s one of two competition skaters that we currently have on our flow team so we are looking forward to building with him and displaying his fantastic talent for skating.

jacob photo.jpg

Skate Pack #3:

Jacob Keeler

Meet Jacob Keeler from Albany GA. His love for skating started early when a local neighbor use to invite guys over to check out the half pipe set up he had. Jacob didn’t have a skateboard to use during this time until one of the guys gave him an old board and he’s been shredding ever since. “Wrath Brand is a really dope brand and I’m excited to be apart of the movement” He told us. Having Jacob apart of the Wrath Brand culture has help us a lot not only can he skate like hell but he brings knowledge to the table as well. “Everyone apart of the brand is so friendly, I definitely see BIG moves in the future for this brand!” He ended with.


Skate Pack #2:

Tyler Hundemer

Meet Tyler Hundemer from Cincinnati, OH. He was introduced to skating by a close neighbor who taught him how to ollie and it was history after that. His dad encouraged his love for skating by building him a mini ramp which he enjoyed throughout his childhood. Being able to share that time with dad played a huge part on his continued love to skating. His goal with Wrath brand is to bring anything and everything to the table to prove to others that YOU can do anything you set your mind to as long as you believe in your abilities. We asked him how he has enjoyed being apart of Wrath Brand “I have enjoyed everything about the brand thus far, this team is amazing and it has allowed me to meet some great people so lets continue to spread the name Wrath”.

Skate Pack #1:

This week starts the beginning of a new trend. Here we will be showcasing our flow riders and other dope skaters who vibe with the brand will be showcased here.

Meet Thomas Duponte from Leesburg, GA. He was put on to skate life by a peer in 6th grade and has been shredding ever since. Thomas is invested in his growth and achieving his goals through Wrath. Thomas’ editing skills make him a quality choice for our flow team “Wrath has given me a chance to really feel accomplished and the chance to spread something new” Thomas shares. Wrath Brand is proud to showcase him as our first feature of the week - check out his work below !