Sponsorship Details


Skate Pack

Entry sponsorship: Brand Ambassador - This is an individual who wants to represent Wrath Brand in a positive light as a skater or rider of any medium/activity. We are looking for individuals who will increase brand awareness and sales through social media and personal repping of the brand. We expect our ambassadors to work towards becoming a better skater throughout your journey with Wrath Brand. This route has the opportunity to receive free items by meeting small sales goals. These individuals will also have opportunities to grow your skate following by being featured on our growing social media. Contact customerservice@gmail.com for more details on this pack.

Rising Sponsorship: Flow Rider - This is an individual who is a dedicated rider who will help share Wrath with their skate community. These riders will receive special packages in order to help promote Wrath Brand, but will still be expecting to bring in sales and new customers to Wrath. These skaters will be intermediate level skaters or individuals who have displayed a strong passion for Wrath by showcasing on their social media. Please send edits to customerservice@wrathbrand.com. Please contact for more details.

Fashion Pack

Entry Sponsorship: Photographers - If you are a passionate photographer who is dedicated toward building your portfolio this is the option for you. This role is here to not only build our brand but to give you a platform to build your professional resume. If you want to grow with an upcoming fashion brand then look into our entry level option, details stated below.

  • Each selected photographer will be highlighted on our upcoming Wrath feature page which will include a professional head shot, a small bio about your background, along with a custom photoshoot of your choosing featuring Wrath Brand clothing. For more details reach out to customerservice@wrathbrand.com